Samplab Features

Polyphonic note and drum editing

Edit the notes and drums in polyphonic audio:
  • Modify time, pitch & duration
  • Slice notes & add offsets
  • Stretch notes to any length
  • Change volume & pan (premium)

VST3/AU Plugin

Integrate Samplab into your DAW:
  • Edit samples inside the plugin
  • Link midi file allows to play changes immediately in your DAW
  • Automatic tempo and key adjusting of samples
  • Sync tempo with DAW
  • Multi track editing
  • Anything the plugin is missing? Email us.

Chord detection and editing

  • Instantly find out the chord progression
  • Pitch shift them directly to the chords of your desire
  • Stretch, shorten, split and merge
  • Export cleaned up Midi file

Stem Separation

Split audio into instrumental, drums, bass and vocals:
  • Export and/or modify the stems individually
  • State-of-the-art quality thanks to cloud-based processing

Audio to Midi

Turn polyphonic notes and drums into midi:
  • Works with individual stems as well
  • Combine this with our sampler feature to edit notes in your DAW's native piano roll.

Audio Notes to Sampler

Play with the notes of your sample directly in your DAW:
  • Turn any audio into a multi-sampled virtual instrument
  • The notes are spread across the velocity range
  • Works with drums as well
  • In combination with our audio to midi export, you can edit notes in your DAW's native piano roll.

Advanced Audio Warping