The next evolution of sampling

Manipulate samples like never before

Powered by AI

Change any note in your audio

Detect and edit chords

  • They stay in key when you change them.
  • You can even export them as a midi file.

Make any samples sound good together

  • Samplab matches their tempo and key.
  • Easily adapt chords, melodies and drums.

Split music into stems

  • Get full access to all notes in any audio
  • and modify them beyond recognition.
Samplab Plugin within Ableton Live
Samplab Plugin within FL Studio

Seamlessly plugs into your DAW

  • Available as Plugin (VST3 & AU) or Desktop App
  • designed to fit perfectly into your workflow.

What producers say

Picture of KSHMR
Samplab is pure magic — no other program lets you tweak the notes of polyphonic audio while actually sounding good.
Picture of ill.Gates
Samplab is the software we've all been waiting for! Finally there is an AI to separate and tune sounds without too much of that horrible watery spectral sound.
Picture of DixonBeats
Samplab is a producer cheat code, plain and simple. If you want to make the most of any of your loops, Samplab is an ABSOLUTE MUST.

Get started

Samplab Plugin & Desktop App
Up to 10 seconds per audio file
Mono audio
Samplab Plugin & Desktop App
Audio files of any length(fair use)
Stereo audio
Premium note controls
AI from the cloud
The core of Samplab and the reason why it works so well.
Always up to date
Samplab is constantly evolving and you never pay for updates.
Cancel any time
You can keep using any samples you already loaded.

Frequently Asked Questions